Mutating Data

Knowing the problems with dots and assuming you've avoided them, if you've read the Part 1, you know what's wrong with this code:

person.firstName = 'Cow'

That isn't a function. It mutates data instead of using immutable data. It affects the outside world by modifying an Object vs. copying it. You no longer set data that way. You CAN set it like that inside pure functions, though.


Now that you know how to get data, setting is very similar. To update the firstName, you can write your own pure setter:

const setFirstName = (person, newFirstName) => {
    return {...person, firstName: newFirstName}

And if you manually test it to ensure it's pure:

console.log(person.firstName) // Jesse
setFirstName(person, 'Cow').firstName // Cow
console.log(person.firstName) // Jesse

But same problem as before with deeply nested properties. For that, use Lodash' set:

const setFirstPhoneNumber = (person, newPhoneNumber) => {
    return set(person, '[0]', newPhoneNumber)

Pure. Immutable data. Same input, same output, and no side effects.

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